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When will you open?

Best Italy is a new e-commerce portal that requires only certified Italian excellence for its customers!

We are organizing ourselves to guarantee you the best experience. We will arrive very soon with great made in Italy products!

The safety of our products

Best Italy Srls selects each item to ensure that the entire supply chain is Italian from the manufacturer to the buyer.

Each item is guaranteed of MADE IN ITALY production which means buying something unique that has the flavor of the most beautiful Italy.

What does Made in Italy mean?

It means the guarantee of origin of our items, which must be exclusively produced in Italy, allowing our consumers to receive all the Italian quality and originality at home.

Are you a supplier?

Are you a supplier or do you know someone who may be interested in collaborating with us? Do not hesitate to contact us!!

Requirements are: production in Italy, quality guarantee and obviously the desire to get involved!

Best Italy Srls will take care of the rest!

COVID emergency

Our offices as well as all Best Italy Srls environments are periodically sanitized. All our employees and collaborators use all the measures provided (masks, gloves and / or hand sanitation, temperature detection). Finally, the products, before departure, undergo a further sanitization treatment.

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Our mantra is: "Designed, Produced, Made in Italy ... excellence within everyone's reach!" Read more...

Who we are

Who we are
Best Italy Srls is a small company but with great passions for all that is Italian pride! Read more...

We are coming!

We are coming!
We are in the process of preparing for YOU, trying to guarantee you a positive shopping experience for selected Italian items! Read more...


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What binds us is the passion for our territory and the quality and love of Italian products.