Orders are sent to the delivery address specified at the time of purchase by TNT express courier. Shipments are made twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and take 24/48 hours in Italy and from 3 to 5 days in EU and UK countries. Shipping costs are calculated automatically by the system and always appear in the cart. Free shipping is provided upon reaching a minimum purchase amount of € 50.00 (with the exception of some product categories), following special promotions or for certain products; in this case, the wording "Free Shipping" always appears on the product sheet.



We always ship * our products taking care of the packaging in detail: double box for protection from blows and damage with the use of soft protective padding inside.

* in the case of extra-volume products, a non-standard type of packaging is prepared which may involve the use of materials that differ from those indicated above.



Once the goods are delivered to the courier for shipment, you will be sent an e-mail containing the tracking code to follow the status of the shipment.


Delays in delivery

There is a small percentage of cases in which couriers do not respect delivery times: the customer buys with the knowledge that it can happen, therefore we are not responsible for any delays not due to our management. In any case, our Assistance department is always available for reports.


Damage to the goods due to transport

We have chosen to entrust deliveries to what we believe to be the best operator for shipments, but this does not mean that cases of damage or loss during transport cannot happen. The reference legislation for transport damage is defined by the Device of art. 1698 of the Civil Code, which states: “The unreserved receipt of the transported items with payment of the amount due to the carrier extinguishes the actions deriving from the contract, except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the carrier. Actions for partial loss or damage not recognizable at the time of delivery are reserved, provided that in the latter case the damage is reported as soon as it is known and no later than eight days after receipt. "


We therefore recommend that our customers check:


- The presence, at the time of delivery, of all the packages indicated in the consignment note

- The integrity of the various packages, requesting whenever there are doubts about the integrity of the goods, to sign the delivery note of the goods -subject to control for damaged packages, if the packages are visibly torn, deformed, opened, tampered with etc. In this case, the courier will be asked to sign with specific reservation, on the paper bill or on the handheld, specifying the option "for damaged packages". The reserve, without this specification, will be generic and useless for the purpose of recognizing damages by the courier.

- The control of the goods received, understood as checking the integrity and completeness of the product and all its equipment, must be carried out immediately after receipt of the goods, in order to report any discrepancies as soon as possible. Any damage or discrepancies found must be promptly reported to the Company through the appropriate assistance service, and the documentation (descriptive, photographic or other) must be sent within the maximum term of 5 calendar days to guarantee the Company a margin of minimum intervention of 48 hours. Best Italy will take care to contest the damage to the carrier and guarantee the customer the replacement of the damaged product with an intact one at no cost to the customer and within a reasonable time.


Best Italy reserves the right to agree otherwise with the customer if the check does not take place within eight calendar days of delivery.


Delivery takes place on the street level, near the gate or entrance to the property, where the deliveryman is required, according to standard national transport conventions, to unload the product on the ground (no delivery to the floor or other specific methods).


WARNING: the delivery will take place with the classic truck used for transport, therefore the delivery will take place up to the property of the recipient only in case of accessibility of these vehicles up to it. In the event of accessibility problems (eg roads too narrow for the passage of trucks, low bridges, bottlenecks, tight curves, etc ...) the courier's truck will deliver to the point closest to the property accessible to him.